Tuesday, November 24, 2009

All set to go to India

I and Kedaar are travelling to India today. We will be back on jan 7th. This is a last minute kind of plan that came to our minds in November. Chandra will join us on Dec 11th. Its exciting to go to India for so long. Kedaar is completely prepared for his India trip and accidentally called me the other day "Thaathayya" :)
He is also talking about all the things he did in his last trip like "do I get playdough there", "will be there be tracks in Thathayya's house", He also understands that he is travelling alone with mummy one way and saying that he will be a good boy and hold my hands all the day.Looks like he also told his friends in school here that "I am going to India, I will miss you". We were surprised for the "miss you" part. Anyway, hope our journey goes smooth.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Kedaar's interest in Saxophone

We had an instrumental song (Sambho Siva Sambho) played by Kadri Gopalnath on Saxophone in Ipod from long time. Chandra recently played it car after getting bored by the routine songs one day. That song is wonderful, kedaar liked it instantly and started saying that "I want sivudu song again". He also learned from mummy that it is an instrument called "saxophone". He listened to it couple of times and said "mummy, they are playing Saxophone and also drums" in that song".

After coming home, I played a couple more songs by kadri Gopalnath in Youtube and Kedaar sat with very interest and watched those entire instrumental songs. Here is a pose mummy tried to capture.

Birthday pictures

Here are Kedaar's birthday pictures.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fun conversations

Coming back from work around 6 PM
[Daddy]We need to take Corn for the ThanksGiving lunch at Kedaar's school
[K]Daddy, its not lunch, its luncheon. I will wear a turkey hat
[D]Can we go to Costco
[K]Costco is closed now
[D]But why Kedaar
[K]because its so much raining, costco is closed. Its finished. But daddy, Target is open, we can go there, there are so many toys :)

Before dinner, daddy is playing with Kedaar. Kedaar tries enact as his teacher (that is his regular routine now, he stands on the fireplace base and acts like teacher)
[Kedaar gives some work to Daddy and tells him] do your work and I will come back and check with you, Ok?
[Daddy]Kedaar , can I get some help?
[Kedaar goes little away from Daddy]ok, you need to be quiet and then raise hands ok
[Daddy raises hands]
[Kedaar]ok, tell me now. This is the way to do it, OK?

After dinner, time to do some puzzles
[Mummy]Kedaar, do you want to do some Thomas puzzles
[K]Yes (comes closer, but exactly then mummy's laptop is running out of power and made some beeping sounds before it shuts off)
[Mummy]oh, No, power is almost gone
[K]I can help you, I can get a charger for you
[Mummy]How do you know about charger?
[K]Because I am a big boy, thats why I know. Mummy, you like me, I good boy too :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Loose bag

Kedaar's class teacher does "Sound of the week" based on the Alphabets (Aa, Ba,Ca,Da etc). Each kid takes some items from home that start with that sound everyday and they all together learn those new words by writing them on board and also share them friends. They call it as "Sharing toys". Each kid needs to get their sharing toys in a loose bag (ziplock or some bag) so that they can take it home in the evening in the same bag.
Kedaar is very particular about his sharing toys and preparing his loose bag. This week's sound of the week is K(ka). Since last week, Kedaar started saying that "next week's sound is K, K for king, K for Kangaroo, then K for Kedaar, its me, you can take me also in a loose bag too" :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween 2009

Kedaar had a lot of fun in this Halloween. Kedaar's school teacher started teaching kids some Halloween related songs starting 2-3 weeks before itself. So he really understood and started thinking about his "Costume" much before. We got a "Curious George" costume for him this time. He used to say "I have a monkey costume, I will act like a money oooo aaaa" everyday. He also told us lot of monster stories something like "Dont go into the haunted house, monster will be there reading a book, sleeping. usshhh, dont make any noise (with whisper), talk slowy otherwise monster can getup" etc etc.
Finally the day has come. Kedaar wore his costume, went to school. He got little scared looking all kids in costume and started crying in the beginning, later he slowly started to enjoy. The school conducted several activities for kids along with "trick or treat'. After school fun, Kedaar & Chandra came to Microsoft to join Halloween celebrations in the evening. Kedaar collected lof candy and had a lot of fun there as well. After coming home, he literally told about each and everyone's costume in class.
Here are some pictures from the occassion.

Kedaar explaining Vocanoes

Kedaar explaining volcanoes with excitement

His school teacher is telling them about Volcanoes , Washington state.
Here are some more things he told than what is in Video already
1. George Washington is our first president (he could show the George washinton picture on the $ notes)
2. Scientists go near Volcanoes to learn about them.
3. When Volcano erupts, yucky smokes comes first, then Lava comes and then magma can cone. magma pushes the yucky smoke

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kedaar's compositions

Kedaar has some new talent now. Instead of listening to music,rhymes and enjoying, he is coming up with new lyrics/customizing lyrics for the tune of other famous songs.
Here are the lyrics he came with in the tune of "If you happy and you know, then you clap" song :)

"Thomas and the train going on the track, ta ta
Thomas and the train going on the track, ta ta
If you thomas and the train, if you thomas and the train, if you thomas and the train going on the track, ta ta" ., the the same thing with another train name like
"James and the train going on the track" ........

If we ask him "who wrote this song", he proudly says "Kedaar wrote this song" :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My name Nandan Kedaar

[Daddy] Are you thunder
[D]are you wonder, are you blunder, are you grinder
[K]no, no, no
[D]then, what are you
[K]I am Nandan Kedaar daddy (pronounces as KeDaaaar), Kedaar is a nice word, Nandan is a nice word

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Kedaar

Today is Kedaar's 3rd birthday. We celebrated Kedaar's birthday on last Friday at his school with his school friends and today at Seattle Children's museum with family friends.

We did school party with balloons and cup cakes.The teacher showed how Kedaar looked like at 1 yr and 2 yrs to all his classmates as part of the "earth goes around the sun, one year completes" rhyme, where Kedaar carried a globe and went around a chart with months. It was interesting and educating for kids.

For Today's birthday party at museum, we chose Thomas theme, a natural choice for Kedaar :)
Kedaar got Thomas balloons, Thomas Shirt, Thomas watch (shirt, watch got from Northwest railway museum store), Thomas Carnival themed cake , Thomas plates, cups etc etc, full of Thomas. We got all the birthday party supplies including goody bags from birthdaydirect.com and it worked well. After the party Kedaar and most of the kids played in museum for lot of time and had fun. With all uncles, auneties, Kedaar nicely answered to the "How old are you" question saying "I am three years old, I am a big boy" :)
In the evening, we went to Balaji temple in Redmond and did Archana on Kedaar's name. Kedaar liked sitting in temple and reciting the stotras told by the priest and ecnouraged mummy & daddy to do the same when they were just too lazy :).
One statement he made when we were in template stuck in my mind and I thought I should porbably write it. Looking at "Shivalingam" in temple
[k] Mummy, who is that.
[M]Kedaar, its shivudu , this is called "Shivalingam"
[K}mummy, is Shivalingam happy or sad
[M]Deva (god) is always happy naanna
[K]oh, just like me (says with smile)
How innocent kids are, how happy they are, I always wish how nice to be so pure and happy like that and how beautiful childhood is.
Anway, Kedaar's birthdaywent very well and created a great memoral experience for us.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dreamy dreams

Since childhood, I remember Kedaar smiling, laughing some times during his sleep. I dont know what beautiful dreams he got then. It continued as he grew bigger. Till some time back, he used to say once in a while "Thomas", "Percy", " I want to get James mummy" etc in sleep or as first thing after he gets up from sleep which probably aligned with his fascination for trains. Most recently, his dreams are about school . In sleep, I saw him laughing once in a while, saying sentences like "Excuse me rakesh", "can you pls come here Ms Indu", "Atharva, dont scare me" , "Atharva is my best friend" etc :)
It is so interesting to see that kids get attached to the activities they do, people they spend time with and actually build some dreamy land around it.