Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Kedaar's first rolling over

We went to Sanfrancisco over the weekend. We stayed in our friend's place.
Kedaar rolled over on the bed at the end of a hectic day (Feb 26th), it is amazing
to see how much effort it takes to those cute hands and feet to balance
and turn to the other side that way. It is very nice feeling and sharing
with friends here.

New photos of Kedaar

Chandra's friend Bhadresh took pictures for Kedaar in their home studio recently.
We were shopping for the whole day that day, so Kedaar was tired that day, but still managed to give some nice poses for the photos. Here are few pics.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Too many things

[posted by Neeraja]
I will be joining work from Feb 22nd onwards. We have planned for a 3-day trip to San Francisco next weekend (Feb 24th- 27th). Kedaar is starting day care from March 1st. My parents will be leaving to India on March 5th. With all these things due in the coming two weeks, we are feeling very overwhelmed all of a sudden. I am more worried about how Kedaar adjusts in the day care. Our hope is that he is too small to know the difference and everything should be pretty smooth. We just have to wait and see how things would work.

First bath by Chandra

Chandra gave bath to Kedaar for the first time yesterday. He enjoyed it quite a bit.I gave bath to Kedaar few times before.We plan to do this by ourselves from now onwards so that we will be comfortable by the time my parents leave for India (March 5th).

Friday, February 9, 2007

Kedaar- 3 months old

[posted by Neeraja]
Kedaar became 3 months old yesterday.I and my mother took him to Indian store in the afternoon and bought sweets. This is the first time I took him out alone in car seat without Chandra.
Now a days, Kedaar plays with his hands a lot and tries to put his fingers inside mouth.He doesnt know how to put them, so struggles and starts to cry slowly.
He is also trying to hold our fingers with his palm to and grasp small toys.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Function for Kedaar

[posted by Neeraja]
We celebrated a small traditional function called "Muddakudumulu" in Telugu for Kedaar yesterday by inviting few friends.It is done on the occasion of babies opening their fists for the first time and is generally done in their 3rd month.

Kedaar was nice and didn't cry at all throughout the function. He smiled at everybody and distributed "chalimidi" (An indian dish made with Rice flour and Jaggery) with his little palms. Here are few photos from the function.