Saturday, February 19, 2011

Picture People photo session

We all went for a photo session today. Its been quite a bit of time since we did that and as usual Kedaar posed nicely, this time with his own bears (polar bear he had since he was 2 months old, Kelan bear he bought from build the bear workshop, Winnie the Pooh from Disneyland) and his new guitar (latest interest)

Additional pictures from the photo session are at

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Terrafugia, the flying car

Kedaar and daddy are too busy discussing the Terrafugia, the car that can fly.
Here are some facts about the car from Kedaar's words.
1. Where is that car: Lot of people are working hard in factory to build the car, they are putting wings for it. When it comes out, we can fly.
2. What are some things we can do with the flying car:

- You can drive Terrafugia to ocean, the turn into a hydro plane. Take it to go to the shark that has a aavi (wound) on back and take the shark to the shark hospital.
Then the uncle will put a bandage that is bigger than Russia on to the shark's aavi.
- We can go to the school in the car, when the cop comes from the back, we just fly and run away from him. Also if there is a traffic jam, you can fly over aaaall the cars.
- We can use it to fly to San fransisco, its much easy because you dont need to go down from car to go into aeroplane, car itself flies.

3. how much does it cost: It costs one hundred million billion dollars. We can get instead of the hummer I was asking for the other day. No no, we have 2 cars, an old car and a new car. I want to get 2 more cars, one is hummer the newest car and then Transfugia , another newest cars. Then we will have 4 cars. I like 4 cars.2 we can keep in gargage, 2 we can park outside.