Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween 2009

Kedaar had a lot of fun in this Halloween. Kedaar's school teacher started teaching kids some Halloween related songs starting 2-3 weeks before itself. So he really understood and started thinking about his "Costume" much before. We got a "Curious George" costume for him this time. He used to say "I have a monkey costume, I will act like a money oooo aaaa" everyday. He also told us lot of monster stories something like "Dont go into the haunted house, monster will be there reading a book, sleeping. usshhh, dont make any noise (with whisper), talk slowy otherwise monster can getup" etc etc.
Finally the day has come. Kedaar wore his costume, went to school. He got little scared looking all kids in costume and started crying in the beginning, later he slowly started to enjoy. The school conducted several activities for kids along with "trick or treat'. After school fun, Kedaar & Chandra came to Microsoft to join Halloween celebrations in the evening. Kedaar collected lof candy and had a lot of fun there as well. After coming home, he literally told about each and everyone's costume in class.
Here are some pictures from the occassion.

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