Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kedaar's photos from PicturePeople

We had a photo session for Kedaar in PicturePeople studio.
Here are few pictures from that.

Kedaar's First step

Yesterday Kedaar took his first step wtthout support in day care. The day care lady (Kathy) told us that he could stand for long time without support and finally managed to take a step. We are waiting for this to happen at home too :)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cute things

Kedaar amazes us everyday with his little endeavors.
He stands so easily now and is able to balance himself for few seconds without support.He is able to use the small walker we bought for him (from Target) to practice walking.Riding on his small 3 wheel scooter and the walker are
his favorite activities nowadays.He also uses his umbrella stroller as walker :)

Today he did one cute (and scary) thing. He was crawling around the kitchen when I was cooking something in the night.After some time, we noticed that he is just keeping his mouth closed and was chewing something. He had little tears in eyes though he was not crying.
We thought that may be he is just feeling sleepy after a long tiring day we had. I also tried to look into his mouth, but nothing seemed to be there.
After 1/2 hr or so, he was still chewing something and kept his mouth shut.
We forcibly opened his mouth and to our surprise there is an onion piece in his mouth!

Few days back, he did one more thing. He was playing quietly in his play yard. He generally does not play alone in the play yard unless he is in very good mood. We were very happy that he is playing and did not even look at him with both of us being busy with something. After some time, I just looked to see what he is doing. He had put the umbrella storller that was there in the play yard down, moved it to the play yard wall for support and climbed it conveniently. Then he was trying to see from there if we had noticed him. When he knew that we saw him, he just kept on smiling and posed for few photos.

Time just seems to fly. He is completing 9 months soon.
The small baby we got from hospital in still so much in our minds.It is such a wonderful experience to watch him grow learning new things day by day.

Photo sessions

We took Kedaar to Sears and PicturePeople yesterday for photo sessions.
We did one session for him when he was 1 month old and did not do it again all this while. We got 8 very nice pictures overall. Especially the ones taken in PicturePeople came out really well. He was pretty active in the photo sessions and was too busy trying to stand or crawl around the room.
So the photographers could not take any pictures while he is on back, lying on the stomach etc.We could have probably done those when he was much younger.We plan to scan the pictures and upload them shortly.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Kedaar is 8 months old

Kedaar turned 8 months today and the last 8months have been amazing.
It was like learning about ourselves while raising the kid,
somuch fun all the way. Here are some videos from his latest
fun acts (climbing stairs,playzone fun and crossing people)

Kedaar 8months