Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fun conversations

Coming back from work around 6 PM
[Daddy]We need to take Corn for the ThanksGiving lunch at Kedaar's school
[K]Daddy, its not lunch, its luncheon. I will wear a turkey hat
[D]Can we go to Costco
[K]Costco is closed now
[D]But why Kedaar
[K]because its so much raining, costco is closed. Its finished. But daddy, Target is open, we can go there, there are so many toys :)

Before dinner, daddy is playing with Kedaar. Kedaar tries enact as his teacher (that is his regular routine now, he stands on the fireplace base and acts like teacher)
[Kedaar gives some work to Daddy and tells him] do your work and I will come back and check with you, Ok?
[Daddy]Kedaar , can I get some help?
[Kedaar goes little away from Daddy]ok, you need to be quiet and then raise hands ok
[Daddy raises hands]
[Kedaar]ok, tell me now. This is the way to do it, OK?

After dinner, time to do some puzzles
[Mummy]Kedaar, do you want to do some Thomas puzzles
[K]Yes (comes closer, but exactly then mummy's laptop is running out of power and made some beeping sounds before it shuts off)
[Mummy]oh, No, power is almost gone
[K]I can help you, I can get a charger for you
[Mummy]How do you know about charger?
[K]Because I am a big boy, thats why I know. Mummy, you like me, I good boy too :)

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