Friday, April 29, 2011

C/O Foster city

After 2 months of rigorous work with planning the move, looking for jobs, packing things, preparing home for sale, meeting people, staying with friends for few days, driving to California , finally we became residents of Foster City, CA :)
This is a real adventure for us with such a short cycle of planning and implementation, Its a lot of hard work and I am sure for Kedaar it was much harder going through this. Its been a couple of days since we are here and we setup most of the rooms and the place is looking like a home now. Kedaar started going to the Foster city preschool and day care from 4/27. He liked the school so far, they have activities like socker, an yearly bicycling event called "Trike a thon". We also started looking for his Kindergarten school as well which he need to join after summer.
Here are 2 pictures I took in my iPhone on his first day. More pictures to come once we find our camera and download photos .. :)