Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kedaar preschool graduation and next step for the future doctor..

Kedaar completed his preschool and kindergarten starts tomorrow.
Its been over 2 1/2 yrs since he is attending the preschool and we have been a significant progress in the things he has learnt. He learnt to fairly fluently read now from Alphabets, learnt additions upto adding 6 from recognizing numbers, made so many great friends, went through a big move to CA, explored Karate/Taekwando, Keyboard, art, soccer, swimming extra curricular activities and many more.
Its a been a fun ride and more fun starts when he enters his next big stage when he goes from a school with 1-5 yr old children to 5-10 yr old children elementary school. We wish all the best to the little master to makes everyday of ours irrespective of the tantrums :)
Here is a video of all the songs they performed in their preschool gradulation .
The school didnt allow us to take pictures so Kedaar had to present (represent) his performance at home. Now his consistent future ambition is "I want to become a doctor who drives ferrari"

Other photos.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Taekwando orange belt

First 2 from when apeared for orange belt in CA, the next 2 are from when appeared for yellow belt in WA in April.

Kedaar attended the promotion test this month and got the next level of belt after the yellow black. It is the orange belt. The yellow black belt he got back in April on world cup final day :). Kedaar had to do what in Takenwando they call as the Form 1 and Form 2 (called sunrise, sunset respectively) and few types of kicks and playing defense for this promotion test. Kedaar did it and passed the test. Kedaar has a new asporation now, i.e. get an olympic gold medal like his teacher Mr. Perez. He wants to attend Olympic camp.
Here is the video of the test (sequence of things are Lperforms form1, form2, practise defense with Mr. Neil, break the wood )

Orange belt exam photos:

Yellow black belt test photos from back in April

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lawrence hall of science, Berkley

We visited Lawrence hall of science for a dynosaur exhibit. The place is amazing and Kedaar had lot of fun playing with the roller coaster experiments and the learning about dynosaurs.
Here are some pictures from the fun.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Foster City Carnival

Foster city is a fun little place. People here seem to be quite relaxed and always enjoying some lake side walk or a nice bike ride. Recently Foster city had the carnival. This is an yearly event and conducted by kedaar's takenwando teacher Mr.Perez. The Taekwando schoo kids of "Gold Medal martial arts" gave a performance. All the youngest children (which is where Kedaar belongs) are also welcomed to perform some little things. Kedaar got tensed in the last min and preferred not to go there. None the less the performances were great and the carnival was nice fun for him too.
Here are few pictures from the festival.

Santa Cruz trip

For the July 4th long weekend, Kedaar had a great trip to Santa Cruz with Isha akka and Sriram (Saritha/Sree;s family). It was very too hot. Kids really didnt go to the beach instead had great fun with dand, lot of carnival rides.
Here is some pictures showing the fun.