Monday, September 10, 2012

Sruthi chelli is born

Kedaar is a big brother now. His baby sister , Sruthi Moukthika is born on Sep 2nd.
Sruthi is the name Kedaar got fixed from the day 1 since he knew that he will have a little sister, he said thats his favorite name and stood at the top among the other choices like Sisira Dyuthi, Abhhigna, Sindhu, Saveri (Kedaar's pet name for this is strawberry :)) etc. As days progressed , Sruthi appeared like a great choice for us too and we added Mouktika which represents a rare pearl worn by Krishna on nose and something that means goddess Lakshmi. Kedaar can perfectly pronounce this name as well as all other choices we had for the baby.
The baby is home now and Kedaar is trying to play with her little bit (little bit because he cannot shout, make noises near her :))
Here are a couple of pictures of the baby and the big brother.