Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Loose bag

Kedaar's class teacher does "Sound of the week" based on the Alphabets (Aa, Ba,Ca,Da etc). Each kid takes some items from home that start with that sound everyday and they all together learn those new words by writing them on board and also share them friends. They call it as "Sharing toys". Each kid needs to get their sharing toys in a loose bag (ziplock or some bag) so that they can take it home in the evening in the same bag.
Kedaar is very particular about his sharing toys and preparing his loose bag. This week's sound of the week is K(ka). Since last week, Kedaar started saying that "next week's sound is K, K for king, K for Kangaroo, then K for Kedaar, its me, you can take me also in a loose bag too" :)

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