Thursday, June 23, 2011

Car quiz

Nice summer evening, night 8'0 clock.
Dad and Kedaar goes for a walk. Kedaar cannot stop talking, he has so many things to explain and so many questions to ask to dad. The most famous conversation now is..
[Kedaar] Daddy, lets do a quiz on cars. You tell one letter and I will tell the car name that starts with it.
[Daddy]ok, let me think. The letter is..
[kedaar]Ok, Ok, I will tell what we should start with., H for Hummer, hummer is greatest car. it can go in jungles, on water, everywhere.
[Daddy]ok, let me ask next.[starts thinking]
[Kedaar] How about we do "P" daddy. P for Porche. Porche is the fastest race car. its faster than even Ferrari. Hey, "F" for Ferrari. I wish I have so much money to buy one Porche and one Ferrari for my own self
[Daddy] you can buy it when you grow up and study well. Ok, lets continue.
[Kedar] ok, let me tell. A for Acura or Accord, B for BMW, C for Corvette, F for Ferrari, H for Hummer, M for Mercedes Benz, N for Nissan Maxima, P for Porche, what else. [He keeps thinking and ush, back to home already]

He lives and breathes cars now. Finally the trains are over and we are fuly into cars.