Monday, December 27, 2010

Picture with friends

Found this picture going through old pictures we never got chance to upload. Posing for the photo, kids are Atharva, Rushaan with Kedaar.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cancun trip

We went to Cancun vacation from Dec 4th for 11 days. We stayed in Grand Caribe Real Resort, an all inclusive placee. I should say that this is our first time "relaxing" trip where we didnt use hotel just as pure accomodation but rather a place to have fun. The place is luxurious with bunch of things to do including every night shows in their own theatre, access to beach directly from hotel, 5 restaurants open all the time serving food, people serving you juices/drinks while you enjoy on beach, beds/swings/messages right on beach, entertainment folks organizing sports on beach/at swimming pool, kids club, 24 hr room service one can really see what "being pampered" means here. We went for day trips to XCaret (a nature theme park), Chitchen Itza temple (one of the wonders of world, ruins of Mayan coluture representing a calendar) and a submarine trip. Other than these 3 days, rest all days we had fun pretty much at the resort.
Mexico felt so close to India with the weather, trees/plants/informal people. We all loved the place and Kedaar didnt even want to come back to Seattle.
Pictures from the trip

Friday, December 17, 2010

Short stories

A new thing started recently, telling short stories. This started in recent Cancun vacation. All of a sudden, he came to me and said "mom, do you want to listen to a story". Then he started with "Once upon a time,..........., the End". The story lasts for 2 lines or so and the "Once upon a time" and "The end" are the most important parts of it.
Sample stories
Story on mom: Once upon a time there was a little boy who has a big mom who took care of him. But the boy called her "bad mom", mom felt bad. Then the boy one day shouted "Mommy", the mom came and hug him. The End.
Story on mouse: Once upon a time there was a little mouse who went to eat a carrot and he couldnt because he is not a bunny. The end.
Story on Beach: Once upon a time there is a nice beach where a little boy and his dad went, They played in water, collected lot of shells , got them home and showed to his friends. The end.
.. and the list goes on and he can tell interesting short stories about any topic realy, car, tree, TV, food etc.

He also assured me that he can tell more longer stories when he grows more bigger :)


Kedaar makses his mom and dad realize the meaning of MadGasCar.
"MadGasCar is a car that runs with gas. The more gas you put in it, the faster it goes. Thats why it is called MadGasCar".