Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Getting back to the blogging

Today I was thinking about starting a new professional blog and was researching little bit on how to do it. Then I suddenly remembered this blog which I fondly maintained almost till 2012. As I go through the blog and recollecting 6+ memories of Kedaar growing up, I started feeling guilty that I haven't captured any of Sruthi's milestones when she was little. Now my baby is 6 and half years old and Kedaar is 12 and half. Wow, time flies and the blog got a 6 years gap in between. Better late than never, I think I am going to restart blogging. In the midst of bay area life, demanding job and 2 kids with ton of activities - its a matter of time telling me how much justice I can do to this. But of-course I am going to give a try .. :)