Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tulips 2009

We went to Tulips back in April , but didnt get time to upload them so far.
Tulips were beautiful as usual. It is 3rd time for Kedaar to go to Tulips.
Now a days wherever we go, he wants to run. He event tells us that he wants to run and then starts running. On few occassions (like when we take him to toys shop to buy thomas trains), he acts like a very good boy holding our hands and keeps telling on the way into the shop that "mummy I will not run, I only walk, ok, only walk". Obviously that lasts only till we buy that train. Anyway, running is his favourite activity whether it is inside shop, mall, park etc. Tulips was no exception. He wants to run all the time in the fields and we found it very hard to stop him :)
He also fell a couple of times, but the run didnt stop. He stared at flowers, smelled them, gave some nice poses. Overall it was an eventful trip.
Here are some pictures from Tulips.