Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kedaar Cute Acts

Here a some of Kedaar's recent photos. Last weekend we went to Seattle downtown Alki beach as it aws little sunny and Kedaar had nice fun over there. He does so many new acts now a days and I don't even remmeber all of them to write down in this blog. Few things that come to mind are
1. Giving kisses. He gave lot of kisses grand parents over phone. And we can not count how many times he gives kisses to mummy, daddy and to his favorite Pooh bear.
2. He picks up thins on floor and gives "Mummy, theesu(take)", he also says "po po","mama","nanna","tatha","oopsie","oh no","shoes","socks","pooh","bear","noone" etc.
3.Giving hifi.
4.Taking his pooh for ride on his train. Whenever it fails, it says "Oopsie". Kedaar laughs so much whe it says that and some times he intentionally moves the train to make the pooh bear fall.
5.Whenever a song which has some beat is played in car, he automatically moves his hands and legs rhythmically while sitting in car seat itself.
6. Throwing things on floor saying "Chee" whenever we khim to throw something. One quality I love about him is - whenever he is doing something bad like eating things on floor, touching stove etc,he keeps his eye on us. If we dont put encouraging face, he just doesnt do it. If we dont observe him,then he grabs our attention by doign something and looks for our reaction before really doing that bad thing.
7.Combing hair for mummy.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Kedaar completes 15 months today

Kedaar completed 15 months today on Feb 8th.
He and his new toys , a walking pooh and curious grorge riding on a train are doing great. Chandra has signed up for swimming classes for Kedaar for Feb month and yesterday they tried it for the first time. Kedaar had lot of fun. Kedaar in general likes water so much and doesnt want to come out of the tub whenever we give him bath. Kedaar now shows his nose, eyes,ears and some times cheeks. He does this so cute. Recently we had lot of snow in Seattle. Kedaar had a lot of fun in snow. If we ask him "is it snowing", he immediately goes to window to see if it is snowing. He does this when showing the moon as well.
Here are some videos we took recently doing these acts.

One thing he is doing often these days is giving hug and kiss immediately when we ask him. He gives lot of hugs Pooh, his bear toys, and also mom, dad. He gives kiss to his photos as well saying 'babyyy' :) He is also very helpful to mummy in kitche. If some vessels, spoons are lying around, he immediately brings them saying "theeso" whic means take it.He likes to listen to his favorite rhymes on Chandra's cell phone. He just knows how to pause and start songs on the cell phone and I don't understand how smartly and quickly he can do that. He is also trying to say few words like hello, apple etc. His favorite rhymes now a days are "How much is that doggy in the Window" and 'The farmer in the dell, hi ho the derry ho the farmer in the dell". For the doggy rhyme, he also makes "Pow pow" dog sounds and for the other rhyme, he tries to bend on his knees and getup as the kids in that song do.

He keeps on running around the house nonstop and comes up with some new trick everyday to surprise us.
In the last month, he got cold/cough several times with little fever. He is doing better now. I am just waiting for this those spring/summer months to show up.