Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dreamy dreams

Since childhood, I remember Kedaar smiling, laughing some times during his sleep. I dont know what beautiful dreams he got then. It continued as he grew bigger. Till some time back, he used to say once in a while "Thomas", "Percy", " I want to get James mummy" etc in sleep or as first thing after he gets up from sleep which probably aligned with his fascination for trains. Most recently, his dreams are about school . In sleep, I saw him laughing once in a while, saying sentences like "Excuse me rakesh", "can you pls come here Ms Indu", "Atharva, dont scare me" , "Atharva is my best friend" etc :)
It is so interesting to see that kids get attached to the activities they do, people they spend time with and actually build some dreamy land around it.

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