Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Kedaar

Today is Kedaar's 3rd birthday. We celebrated Kedaar's birthday on last Friday at his school with his school friends and today at Seattle Children's museum with family friends.

We did school party with balloons and cup cakes.The teacher showed how Kedaar looked like at 1 yr and 2 yrs to all his classmates as part of the "earth goes around the sun, one year completes" rhyme, where Kedaar carried a globe and went around a chart with months. It was interesting and educating for kids.

For Today's birthday party at museum, we chose Thomas theme, a natural choice for Kedaar :)
Kedaar got Thomas balloons, Thomas Shirt, Thomas watch (shirt, watch got from Northwest railway museum store), Thomas Carnival themed cake , Thomas plates, cups etc etc, full of Thomas. We got all the birthday party supplies including goody bags from and it worked well. After the party Kedaar and most of the kids played in museum for lot of time and had fun. With all uncles, auneties, Kedaar nicely answered to the "How old are you" question saying "I am three years old, I am a big boy" :)
In the evening, we went to Balaji temple in Redmond and did Archana on Kedaar's name. Kedaar liked sitting in temple and reciting the stotras told by the priest and ecnouraged mummy & daddy to do the same when they were just too lazy :).
One statement he made when we were in template stuck in my mind and I thought I should porbably write it. Looking at "Shivalingam" in temple
[k] Mummy, who is that.
[M]Kedaar, its shivudu , this is called "Shivalingam"
[K}mummy, is Shivalingam happy or sad
[M]Deva (god) is always happy naanna
[K]oh, just like me (says with smile)
How innocent kids are, how happy they are, I always wish how nice to be so pure and happy like that and how beautiful childhood is.
Anway, Kedaar's birthdaywent very well and created a great memoral experience for us.

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Smitha said...

A great party indeed. Loved the decorations, thai pizza and the eggless cake. Happy Birthday once again Daaram.