Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cow boy

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Play date fun

Friday, July 16, 2010

Yellow stone national park

We went to Yellow stone national park in July long weekend with another friend's family.It was 12 hr car journey (around 800 miles one way) from Seattle. I personally have been wanting to go there from several years, but this time we just decided to go ahead with it.
The journey part was most scary part and I should say it went fairly OK with the kids just doing fine through the journey. Kedaar got all set with my preparation saying "its a very beautiful park and you need to take lot of rest in long journey to enjoy it". He entered the car and within minutes he said "mamma, can I get my blanket, I want to sleep". He was a very good boy especially during return trip where we didnt stay overnight in any place instead drove from morning 3.30 to evening 6 to get home with just 2 breaks. Kedaar learned the park name and said it very clearly, he also keenly looked for wild life, learned the differences between hot springs and geysers and did his best to be energetic through the trip. We got a lot of encouragement to risk few long trips with him this summer.
Here are the pictures

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Who should clean mess

I entered in Kedaar's toys room to call him for dinner around 8 PM.
Kedaar was inside the tent and all the room was filled small animals (around 200+ that we bought for counting and sorting) .
The room is a mess, but strangely seemed some what nicely arranged.Then it goes ...

[Mummy]Kedaar, what is this
[Kedaar]mamma, I am just playing my little animals.
[Mummy]Is this the way to play, putting everything everywhere on floor, who will clean this mess?
[Kedaar, very politely , without moving an inch from the tent]mamma, its you, can you clean it for me?
[Mummy]Why should I clean?
[Kedaar]because you are the best
[Mummy, shocked, surprised!!!] I cannot do this, you do it yourself
[Kedaar]no, mummy's and daddy's are big, they can do this easily
[Mummy, almost ready to give up]still, I am not going to clean
[Kedaar]Thats ok Mamma, my daddy will clean it for me. Can I eat dinner now, what are we eating today?.

We were eating dinner downstairs, Chandra came from bath and he cleaned it without saying a word strangely. For him, the room looked like "Serengiti national park" :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cirque Du Soleil "Kooza" show

We went to the cirque du soleil "Kooza" show today. We have been going to one of their shows since we went to Las Vegas first time and didnt do it so far. Kedaar's friend Anirudh's family also came.
Kedaar and Anirudh had lot of fun, surprise and enjoyment in the show. Kedaar's favorite was "the rings where the 2 guys ran". When we came out in the intermission time, Kedaar and Anirudh did couple of acts (like hanging to the rails with 2 feet up and going around holding each other's hands) and told us "see mamma, we are also doing what they did, its so hard" :)
Anyway, the show was amazing and we are glad we could see once finally.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pacific science center trip

We took Kedaar to Pacific science center in Seattle in one of the weekends. Kedaar had great fun there especially in the planets area and the dynosaurs. Here are some pictures from the trip.

Completed 1 school year

The first school year for Kedaar is finished by June 30th. He started the pre-school since Sep 15th last year and since then it was a roll for him. He learnt a lot (he got a progress report as well :)), had so much fun, got lot of new friends. We are very happy with the decision to join him in montessori school instead of one more year of day care or regular pre-school. He has summer camps throughout July and August at the same school and contnue with the next year of pre-school starting Sep.