Tuesday, November 24, 2009

All set to go to India

I and Kedaar are travelling to India today. We will be back on jan 7th. This is a last minute kind of plan that came to our minds in November. Chandra will join us on Dec 11th. Its exciting to go to India for so long. Kedaar is completely prepared for his India trip and accidentally called me the other day "Thaathayya" :)
He is also talking about all the things he did in his last trip like "do I get playdough there", "will be there be tracks in Thathayya's house", He also understands that he is travelling alone with mummy one way and saying that he will be a good boy and hold my hands all the day.Looks like he also told his friends in school here that "I am going to India, I will miss you". We were surprised for the "miss you" part. Anyway, hope our journey goes smooth.

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Goutham Kondapalli said...

Have fun Neeraja, its great to be able to go to India for that long. I keep following Kedaar's blog every now-and-then. Looks like he is growing up very fast...have a great trip!