Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kedaar's blog book

Just like last year, we printed Kedaar's blog as a book.
You can see a preview of book at
It took us ton of effort this time with crashing blurb software,
but finally it made it to publishing with Neeraja's determination.
Kedaar will cherish the memories when he grow up.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Beautiful fall colors

Fall colors are realy beautiful in Seattle. Most of the roads especially in our house community (Issaquah highlighands) and Microsoft are the best palces according to me to see colors.
Here are the pictures we took today with Kedaar and fall colors.

Kedaar and friends pictures

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween in Issaquah

There was a celebration of Halloween in Issaquah Highlands this weekend.Kedaar didnt wear his Halloween dress, but we went just like that to check out the celebration. There were lot of activities for kids and Kedaar had a lot of fun with them. The most intresting one for him is the pony ride. He did the pony lide very nicely with smile and was not scared at all to sit on it. We plan to go there again tomorrow for some more time/ Here are some pictures/a video from that occassion and few other pictures we took in fall colors recently.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kedaar's Seattle Day Out

Kedaar wanted to go in a bus whenever he sees one. When local festival, issaquah salmon days happened, he boarded one and
continued to live on that experience. He says "go by bus go by bus"
whenever we see a bus on the road. So, yesterday we took him to
Seattle in a metro bus. We got down at westlake center, looked at a small waterfall, saw the shopping mall, took monorail to go to Seattle Center. Kedaar loved the monorail and enjoyed the most while sitting it in the first seat facing skyline.

In Seattle center, there are bunch of kid amusement rides like in an exhibition in india. He looked at other kids running for the rides and started crying saying he wants to do the same. We were hesitating a little bit, but sent him on the car ride (alone) and on a merry go around with Chandra. He thoroughly enjoyed both rides giving smiles throughout and didn't show signs of fear or surprise.
Afterwards, we watched a turkish festival in seattle center house and he liked their dances very well. We came back by bus too and
he totally liked the bus experience and the trip, hope we will do
more of these on weekends. Here are some pictures to share ...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kedaar completes 23 months

Kedaar completed 23 months on October 8th. He now communicates with us only through language. He has built nice little vocabulary and has a word or sentence to talk to us in every context. We have listed all the interesting sentences he spoke in last 3,4 days and the list is already too long. He can also repeat every new word we say. He now a days likes Elmo, cookie monster very much and watches sesame street videos a lot. He also sits at the small desk we bought for him in Ikea and tries to scribble something every day for few mins. He says "Aa", "Aaah" (telugu alphabets) while scribbling as if he is really writing them. He can also count from 1 to 20 and can recognize 1 to 9 numbers. He is also recognizing most of the alphabets.