Saturday, December 8, 2007

Kedaar comples 13 months

Kedaar completed 13 months today.
We went to Bellevue Squaremall for buying something today unplanned. Last year he completed one month on Dec 8th and we took him for the fist time out side after his birth to Bellevue Squaremall in his stroller. We noticed that Christmas decorations in the mall today were exactly same as last year. That is a very nice memory.

Kedaar seems to became much more active after he turned one. We bought a front facing car seat for him now from BabysRus and now he is enjoying going in the car very much.

We are actually thinking of going to a long trip during Christmas time as Kedaar's day care lady is going to be OOF for a week during that time.Kedaar loves outdoors. We went Mount Rainier during Thanksgiving holidays. He loved playing with the snow there and doesnt want to come back to sit in the car. I want to take him to more sunny beach sort of place.

Few tricks he did this month.

1. He is an expert tracing moon now. If we ask him "where is Chandamama", he shows the moon with his finger. He also keeps searching for the moon when he is in the car.
2. He clealry says "Nanna", "Amma", "taata", "Bye bye C u" now. He also lot of complete sentences in his language and try to make conversations with people.
3. He goes to hardwood floor and hits his head against if he is not happy with what we do with him (like snatching things from him etc). But then, in seconds, he gets diverted.
4. He knows pooja room very well now. Whenever we go to temple, if he sees any picture of god or whenever we say "dandam pettu", he immediately gets his hands together for praying god.

5. He loves kitchen, if I am in the kitchen, he has to see what's going on there.
6. He plays peekaboo now and tries to surprise us by doing something suddenly when we dont expect.
7. He can easily climb tup the bed and climb down. He can open and close microwave.
8. He is learning how to give a hug. He loves soft toys. We got a very soft bear from him in San diego. That is his favorite. He just keeps hugging it and plays by putting his face against it. He also affectionately gives hug to people.