Sunday, September 16, 2007

North West trek wild life park

We went to North West trek wild life park last weekend with Kedaar. As that was a very sunny day, we just wanted to take Kedaar outside and we thought he might like looking at different animals if we go an animal park.
It is about 60 miles from our home. This is a good park with lots of animals and kids would surely enjoy it. Here are some of our pictures from this short trip.

Vinayaka Chavithi celebration

We celebrated vinayaka chavithi yesterday with Kedaar. We got up in the morning and did preparations for the puja. Kedaar was very excited to see all the decoration etc but by the we are almost ready, he slept off. We did the puja after he woke up around 1 PM. Initially he showed some interest and put some flowers with us, later he got busy playing.He tasted little bit of vundrallu and seemed to like it. Here are some pictures from the occassion.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

First haircut for Kedaar on his 10th month birthday :)

Kedaar had his first haircut at Brat Pack in Redmond yesterday.
He did pretty good through out the process watching the lady who did har cut for him.
He became 10 months old yesterday as well. We have to start planning for his first birthday.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Kedaar's first tooth

Kedaar started cutting a tooth after he completed his 9 months.
The pediatrician found it when we went to his 9th month immunizations:) Later it started showing up and now it became big.
His day care lady took a few days vacation combined with labor day and she was totally surprised seeing him with the grown tooth after she came back. Luckily he didnt seem to have too much pain or other symptoms people say generally happen when infants are teething.
We (he himself) are excited about his new tooth :)