Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kedaar's recent stories

Here are his recent pictures (includes a snow tubing trip, visit to local train station, some photos at home in snow etc)

Its been more than a month since I wrote a blogpost for Kedaar. The most exciting thing with Kedaar in the past 4-5 months I would say is his ability to speak and do
conversations.He understands everything we speak and responds to it as well.He can speak sentences with proper grammar most of the times and we just keep getting surprsed at the vocabulary he has and the variation of his tone based the context , situation.
After coming home from day care, he explains about little things about his day and also different ways he interacted with each of the kids in day care by mentioning their name. His favorite programs are "Dora the explorer", "Go Diego Go" and most imporantly the episodes of "Thomas & Friends". Just like lot of boys, his toys interest is completely around trains, trucks and cars. He knows each and every character in Thomas program and he is not tired watch those episodes even after 100 times. He also likes to read about Hanuman, Krishna, ramayan, Mahabharata.

I just tried to remember few things that he did for this blogpost. Obviously we can never capture his activity in any form. But this is just for my reference in future :)
1. "Good job mummy" when we do something difficult (for him). Also words like "my god", "my goodness"
2. "This is not the time to sleep", "This is not the time to brush"
3. When we give him punishment through "Time outs", he says 'mummy, i want to give a kiss". This is his favorite act to cool people down.
4. Sings "sa ri ga ma pa da ni sa"
5. "Mummy, i want to reach aeroplane, i want to jump and catch it"
5. He knows sevral character names in Ramayana, Mahabharata, krishna story (rama, seeta,hanuma,jayau,arjuna,ksishna,jambavanthudu etc).
6. Saying "No , Never" and laughing cutely like a villain "ha ha ha ha"
7. When Chandra was going on downhill one day and had to do a sudden break, he said "careful daddy, you will get timeout". He knows when he is going uphill and when he is going downhill.
8. We have a poster with good boys habits. He looks at the poster and explain each of the habits.
9. Playing piano and asking people to dance. He has great rhythm and loves music. He can repeat beginning of songs he listens. One of his favorites "hey ta ta, veerudena
nenu korukunna" from "avakai biryani"
10. when we give him water and he doesnt want it , he sayd "mummy, too much water". He also uses "too much" in other contexts such as "I love you too much mummy".
11. One of the things I love is , if we wear new dress or something, he comes and tells "you are looking so cute mummy, you are so nice mummy".
12. he knows how to take pictures with Camera. He closes his eyes while taking picture. : )
13. He has sktechers shoes. He knows what are all his friends are wearing. he sayd "aryan has spider man shoes", "meghna has flower shoes" etc
14. if we aks him somethign lie "are you finished", he answers in full sentences like "Yes, i am finished", "Yes, i do want it" etc
15. he plays with numbers magnets he has. he pus them on fridge and says "everybody go up" , "everybody go down". He also puts sun glasses for all of us and says "everybody has glasses", "nobody has glasses" etc

Few other sentences/activities are below

shh, quiet
Thank you mummy (when you point some medicine when he gets hurt)
Thomas and Percy need to have fishy crackers
i want to put humidifier
Humming the "ringa ringa" song from slumdog millionaire and slowly tranisitioning that song to "ringa ringa roses"
that is a cop helicopter
may be
she is kinda (mix of telugu and English)
diego, sit properly
mummu, u turn faster, i am turning slower and slower
going to fly
putting dress to daddy with towel and saying "daddy has a new dress"
mummy. I will measure you, your nose, your hair
I will eat myself, you dont need to feed me
emily is hitting me (calling mummy with emily character name)
you are emily, daddy is percy and I am thomas (Giving names from Thomas program to every one)
I want to put mountain (with moisturizing creme)
I want pokemon brush
harold - hello thomas
school bus, I want to go school bus
mount rain ear
i dont want to sleep
rakshas! why hit jatayu, why why why, I am going to give you timeout, you are a bad boy
jatayu, I will put mandhu, don't cry
sorry ganapthi, I don't want to mean it
spectacle bear, chinchita,
sloth, sammy the sloth
i want to see booots
air ambulance
ambulance helicopter
I want to go on a plane, helicopter
I want to touch stars
I want to put sarigaa
thomas is my best friend
I want to mix sambaar
I want to switch on the dryer
Are you ok mummy
I am sorry, I don't want to mean it
garbage truck, fire truck, cranky the crane

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kedaar @ Snow Tubing