Friday, October 14, 2011

Kedaar's art work

Kedaar is extremely interested in art now. He used to lot of coloring, art projects, crafts in Americas Child Montessori, Seattle as well, but here he seems to be more interested. He likes to be called as a "good artist" and howmuch ever tired he is he will choose perfect colors to precisely get beauty for the picture. He has 2 interesting habits now, one is to draw a picture every place he visits indicating his experience (some times he takes paper with him) and the second is to do a drawing as one of the birthday prensets to parents.
On all the drawings he keeps at home, the common sentence is "mom, i love u, dad, i love you' :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kedaar and mom's work

Its night time , 9.30 PM.I talked to Kedaar for some time, told a story and he is ready to sleep while I was getting up to get my laptop to work.

Kedaar: Mommy, you are not going to sleep? you said you are sleepy?
Mom : No naanna, I need to work. Though I worked in office, I still need to work at home to finish.
Kedaar: You will be so tired if you do that mummy. I want you take come and sleep for a long time now

He fell asleep and got up at 7 AM. I got up at 6 AM and again took latptop as first thing in morning.

Kedaar: Mommy, did you work throughout the night?
I think its time for a vacation. So tired and really need a break so I can spend full time with Kedaar by forgetting all the stress.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Big boy

Yesterday was the first day I had to do the pick up for Kedaar. It is generally dad's job to do the drop and pick up.
I am generally not good in remembering roads, so I rely on GPS or cell phone for the routes. Somehow I reached the school on time (using cell as GPS was not working). Did the pick up and then all of a sudden cell lost charge as well :) I kind of know how to get back home but was not super confident.
Then Kedaar got into car and said , mummy, dont worry, I know how to go home. I can give you directions as I see it everyday with daddy. Anyway we started driving back and I get left, right, left, u-turn directions from Kedaar and within few mins, there is Foster landing board on our right. Kedaar suddenly shouted, "mummy, dont go straight, we need to go take one more right and just go around". I know that part and was amazed at how precise he was at remembering each and every turn. When we reached home, Kedaar says "mummy, do you think I am just clever or am I genious" :)