Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Best mom in the whole world

After we finished dinner yesterday, Kedaar came to me and said "mamma, you didnt sign up for mother's day in school. we are making nice cups and sticking colorful papers on them with glue, decorating them, let them dry. we will not tell mummy because its a surprise, we will fill water in cup, ask daddy to put flowers in the cup and then give it as a surprise to you because you are the best mom in the whole world" :) He said this whole setence without break in the morning also and reminded me again to sign up on the sheet on his classroom door when I dropped him in school (I signed up finally).
The best part in this whole thing is his innocence of revealing the surprise to me with twinkling eyes and also with wide open hands saying that "you are the best mom in the whole world". He talks, expresses so many things these days and this seems like the best age of childhood and we are just loving it.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Flights, jets, rockets, space shuttles..

We visisted museum of flight last month. We didnt expect Kedaar to have so much fun in there, however Kedaar had a blast there. Especially he was extremely attacted to the space portion of the museum and carefully looked through, asked questions related to rockets , how they launch space shuttles, astronauts, planets etc. He also bought a book about these. Now he is able to name the planets and also talk about for long time on the space things. He also learnt some complex words like space capsule, proble that takes pictures of planets etc. Once in a while he will shout "4,3,2,1, blast offf" and says that he wants to be an astronaut when he grows up.
It was nice to see him having fun with these stuff. He also bought a plane, space shuttle as memories from the museum visit.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Can you put that song again?

One fine day we played the old telugu classic "Raagam thaanam Pallavi" from "Sankarabhanam" movie while going to school in the car. I think we just did without too much intention rather just got bored of all the other songs in the IPod.
So one of the lines in the song is "Sasya Kedaaraalu Swarasa Gandharalu". Just listening after the first time, Kedaar said "daddy/mamma, its my name, can you put it again". Kedaar listened to this again and again and started singing that song. Whenever the word "kedaaralu" comes, he says "its my name :))". Basically "Kedaara" is a raaga in Karnatic music and the song has that word in that context.
Anyway, he loves listening to that song again and again.
Daily atleast once he has to say that "Daddy, your name is Chandrasekhar, it means lord shiva. Mummie's name is Neeraja, it means Lotus and I am Kedaar Nandan, it means Ganapathi". In all the songs he listens, he carefully watched for these names :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Little doctor

When I was young, I always wanted to be a doctor. I think there is lot of fun in being close to "real" world. So every opportunity I get , I keep telling Kedaar how interesting it is to be a doctor (and as usual he says that he will be an astronaut and go in rocket like zoooooom :))
Recently, the famous hospital "Childrens" Seattle had a health fair where little ones get to be a doctor and learn/experience several things hands on. They also focussed on some other aspects like water, car safety etc.

Kedaar really liked this fair and the place was packed with children. Kedaar got a new bike helmet, new car seat, did lot of treatments to his teddy bear by being different types of doctor.It was personally amazing for me how creative the folks can be, first of all with this idea itself and the way they implemented it with focus on details.
Here are some pictures from this fair.