Sunday, May 2, 2010

Race Race

Kedaar is fairly good in eating food that he likes, but he is not open at all to try new things. Specifically he doesnt eat anything other than waffles (no bread, no cereal) for breakfast, no curries with rice, no curd rice. He doesnt even want to try taking a bite irrespective of all dynaosaur, scary things, strong boy stories. So the only thing he will eat with interest is lentils and often he used to get bored just with one variety at food. It is also so frustrating to see him rejecting all the things I spend so much time and effort to prepare. We tried eating together at dining tables, doing the tasting bite strategy and nothing worked. In the past 2 weeks, we are trying a different thing which is racing. So Chandra and he will sit at dining table for breakfast and every day we will have a different type of race (Idli race, cheerio race, breaf race, pancake race). Kedaar started enjoying thing althought we have to keep on encouraging that he has to win over daddy. So after 2 weeks, he is in a state where he puts few bites in his mouth for breakfast. Also for curries in dinner, I started "3 yr old, 3 bites" game where he has to try to 3 bites of every curry I make even though it is difficult for him. He is managing to try that also. We eventually have to extend this for curd rice slowly. I am very happy with the progress and hopefully it lasts for some time.
In general, the racing is working for other things too like taking bath before daddy does his bath, sleeping before mummy sleeps etc :)

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