Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Phonics , Rhyming sounds.

In the past 2, 3 months, Kedaar really got into the phonics and also learnt rhyming sounds. It just came so naturally without us putting any special effort at home. Related to phonics, for all the words, he started saying the starting sound like "ka ka Kedaar" , "la la lunch" etc. For any word we speak, he will try to get the starting sound and try to say the associated letter. He also wants to play the game of me or Chandra saying a sound and he will tell several words that start with it. His school teacher has been doing sounds/words during circle time over several months and now they are doing blending sounds like 'sm', 'fl'. This week their sound of the week is 'cr' and I asked him on last friday on what the sound of the week is. He said "mummy, it is 'cr', 'cr','cr', crawl, crash,crab,crocodile,cry" etc. He could come up with so many words instantaneously and it was lot of surprise to hear that many words from him.

For rhyming words, he would ask us to tell one word and he will come up with rhyming words like cat, bat: snake,cake:later,matter etc. During the process of coming up with rhyming words, he is also inventing some words :) He invents the word and sayd "Mamma, this is a very good word".

I love the way kids learn things here, so systematicaly, so naturally that I dont think they will ever forget. Not sure about other schools here, but I really like the montessori system for the way they teach things.
Without a doubt, we will continue him in the same school, same class in next year as well.

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