Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Best mom in the whole world

After we finished dinner yesterday, Kedaar came to me and said "mamma, you didnt sign up for mother's day in school. we are making nice cups and sticking colorful papers on them with glue, decorating them, let them dry. we will not tell mummy because its a surprise, we will fill water in cup, ask daddy to put flowers in the cup and then give it as a surprise to you because you are the best mom in the whole world" :) He said this whole setence without break in the morning also and reminded me again to sign up on the sheet on his classroom door when I dropped him in school (I signed up finally).
The best part in this whole thing is his innocence of revealing the surprise to me with twinkling eyes and also with wide open hands saying that "you are the best mom in the whole world". He talks, expresses so many things these days and this seems like the best age of childhood and we are just loving it.

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