Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mothers day celebrations

Kedaar's schools had a mothers day teas party last week. The party was from 10-11.30 in the morning. When mommy arrived, each kid picked up their mommy from door, showed her the chair she needs to sit in. It was 3 presents for mommy, a tea pot shared greeting card,a mom card and a vase. Then all the kids sang 4 rhymes that they have practising beautifully ( I am very little tea pot, Hickory dickery dock, fuzzy little caterpillar, littfle ms muffins). After that each kid, said a statement about their mommy and gave flower. Kedaar said "I love my mommy because she gives me kisses :))". Some kids said "I love my mommy because she cooks food for me, she plays memory game with me" etc . After that we had cake, tea. I have been getting hints about the party, the songs they are going to sync, the gifts from 2,3 weeks before , so I know how much they prepared for it. It was very nice party and lot of fun.

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