Friday, May 14, 2010

Fever, cold, cough

In the last 2 months, Kedaar got fever 3 times so far and the cold, cough are not leaving him at all. Especially at nights, he is uncomfortable with cough. Doctor treated him with anti-biotics for sinus infection recently and he was better for a couple of days. I think its just constant weather changes which is causing this. Then again , he got ear infection and teary eyes on 5/4 along with cold again. Doctor started on new anti-biotic again. He was OOF for a day from school and started going from the next day itself. The cold however is still going on and yesterday it turned into fever, cough again. We went to doctor today and they got him started with 3rd anti-biotic to see if this will help. He has very high fever today. One thing we really appreciate and learn from him is his courage. He tries his best to stay normal , tries to play. May be kids are like that. I hope his fever reduces and he becomes normal soon with the rest in weekend.

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