Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to watch "Tom and Jerry" videos whereever you want.

Kedaar became expert in handling iphone now a days. He watches "Tom and Jerry" by going to YouTube and he is tracing letters in an app we have downloaded called IWriteWords.
Here are the steps he figured out to watch "Tom and jerry" :)

Step 1 : First, cry, shout,divert or do something to get hold of mamma's or daddy's iphone. One common thing that works with my mamma when I am in car is to ask "Mamma, can I please sit in your lap". With the fear that I come out of car seat, mummy will say "no you need to sit in car seat, otherwise it is dangerous, I will give you iphone so you can watch tom&jerry, ok?"
Step 2 : next, do some actions, as if you are very careful with iphone, not hitting the screen with fingers etc to prove that mamma,daddy can trust that you can handle iphone
step 3: Now the fun starts. Click the one and only button available on iphone at bottom. that should be easy to figure out. Press it 2 times, just in case you are not getting to the starting screen.
Step 4: Press "the YouTube" icon. I am sure you know that because you must have watched your mamma, daddy doing it sometimes.
step 5: when you go to "YouTube" , carefully look at the options below and choose . the 3rd one (it is search). You know when you are in there.
Step 6: The default text in there is "Tom and Jerry" (atleast that is how it is in my mamma's phone). Wait for the the list of tom and jerries to show up. it takes some time.
Step 5: Once you get it, you can touch any of the videos to watch
tom and jerry" for hours and hours.

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Smitha said...

Ammo, too smart :)