Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Karate boy

Kedaar's school has Karate classes where interested kids can enroll and learn. Around 2 months back or so, I asked Kedaar's class teacher to send him to trail class so he can see if he likes Karate. Kedaar went to Karate class that day and he didnt talk about it a lot. So I assumed that he may not be ready yet for that class. Also the brochure that the Karate teacher gave said that the min age for it is 4 yrs.
Last week I got a call from Karate teacher asking if we plan to enroll him. When I asked details he said that Kedaar has been coming to his classes for 5 wks or so and said that he will not get karate uniform unless we enroll him. I was surprised ! We didnt even know about it.
When I asked Kedaar about it, he said "Atharva, Anirudh is going , so I also went with them, I like it mamma". The class teacher also thought that we enrolled Kedarand hence she let him go. Kedaar demonstrated some of the lessons his "sense" (karate teacher) taught him like punching etc. Overall we are forced to join him in the Karate classes and he started officially this week.

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