Friday, April 9, 2010

Can you put that song again?

One fine day we played the old telugu classic "Raagam thaanam Pallavi" from "Sankarabhanam" movie while going to school in the car. I think we just did without too much intention rather just got bored of all the other songs in the IPod.
So one of the lines in the song is "Sasya Kedaaraalu Swarasa Gandharalu". Just listening after the first time, Kedaar said "daddy/mamma, its my name, can you put it again". Kedaar listened to this again and again and started singing that song. Whenever the word "kedaaralu" comes, he says "its my name :))". Basically "Kedaara" is a raaga in Karnatic music and the song has that word in that context.
Anyway, he loves listening to that song again and again.
Daily atleast once he has to say that "Daddy, your name is Chandrasekhar, it means lord shiva. Mummie's name is Neeraja, it means Lotus and I am Kedaar Nandan, it means Ganapathi". In all the songs he listens, he carefully watched for these names :)

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