Sunday, March 21, 2010


We went to a music show by a group called "AllGoRythms" in Seattle.
Kedaar's friend Atharva's mom is singing in that show and we came to know about the show through her. It was a nice show. Kedaar listened to each and every song carefuly for the whole first half. Even when his dad wanted to take him outside for a break, he just ran back into seat saying he wants to listen to 'music".
In the dinner break time, the much awaited thing happened. Kedaar found his friend Atharva and Atharva's dad said Atharva has also been looking for Kedaar and they both can sit together for the second part of the show. The second part of the show was full of masti, dance type of songs. Kedaar and Atharva started having fun, playing in the seats. Eventually they convinced me, Chandra to go near the stage because Atharva's 2 other friends also came and these 2 can play with them. After that, all of them started running around, playing, crawling onto stage, dancing for songs, oh, they just had a blast for almost 2 hrs. Chandra dedicated a song "mastkalandar" for them and both Kedaar, Atharva are excited to hear their names on mike.
Overall, that was a fun blast for the kids and a nice break for mom and dad.

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