Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thinking hat

During dinner time yesterday, Kedaar asked me to put video of the horse, fox story.
It is a story from Panchatantra. I knew what he wants but didnt want to put TV during his dinner time ( because he is highly addicted to watching TV during dinner time and I want to change this habit) So I started to act asking some stupid questions like "do you want the story where tom & jerry go on horse", " do you want the story where you saw a fox in park" etc. He patiently said "no" to all my stupd questions. At some point, I think he got frustrated and said "mamma, no, its not that, wear your thinking hat and then you will remember". I was surprised. I asked "how do you wear thinking hat", he enacted putting something on my head and said "this is how you do it". Later he told us that Ms.Indu tells the kids to do so if they make obvious mistakes, forget something etc.
This is just one of the several titbits of knowledge he keeps learning at school. The part I am impressed is his ability to apply those things at home when needed :)

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