Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Incident reports

Rock in ear: Last week when we were coming home from school, Kedaar said “mommy, I have a rock in my ear”. I asked him if he has really rock in his ear and he said “yes”. Chandra &I were talking about something else during that time and I didn’t pay that much attention to it. In the evening, Kedaar did everything normally, had dinner. When he was just about to sleep, he said again that he has rock in ear. This time we took it seriously. He didn’t allow us to even touch the ear. We saw inside his in ear with torchlight and to the biggest surprise for us , there is really a small stone stuck in his ear. We turned him that side and tried to get it down, but it doesn’t come out. That was really a scary thing. Immediately we took him to emergency in Swedish. Doctor tried to pick it up with small vacuum and it never came out. Finally doctor had to numb his ear little bit, pour some water into his ear, used a sharp needle type of thing to push the stone from back. He said it is very common for kids to put rocks in ears  After some effort, the stone came out. When we enquired, it seems Kedaar said that he did it when he was in playground and told us hundred times that he will not do it again because doctor uncle will “poke” him. He also started repeating the process of taking out rocks from ear on us as part of his favorite “doctor” game.

Knee scratch: Another thing happened today. Kedaar had his pant torn at the knee when we went to pick him up! His teacher said that they just came from playground and he fell while running. Pant was torn and he has a fairly big scratch with some blood there. The teacher cleaned and put bandage on it. Kedaar had some more pain with it after he came home. He said it happened when he was running superfast in playground.

As usual I told the lessons of why he should not run fast, why he should not put bad things in ear, nose and eyes. He listened to it, he repeated what I said, but then we know that it will not stop. We just have to be prepared for such things as he is growing up.

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kondas said...

Rock in the ear.. Sounds scary! I didn't go through this with my kids but thousand others .. Boys got to explore ...