Monday, February 22, 2010

I am learning

Kedaar surprises with some interesting statements once in a while.
We watched "Leader" movie by Sekhar Kammula this weekend. We have been hearing to the songs from the movie from several weeks now and finally got to watch it. Kedaar loooves several songs in this movie and he can sing atleast few sentences of each of them. One of the songs in the movie is "vande maatharam". Kedaar was singing that in car today as "Bande maakaram" but with the same tune. We could adjust with "bande" as the bengali version of "vande" :) , but I had to correct him saying that the other word is not "maaKaram", but "maaTharam". He sang it as "maaDaram", then again "maaKaram" , again "maaDaram" several times and finally got to "maaTharam".
In the process, he corrected "Bande" also and sang a good "vande maatharam". Seeing the smile on my face he started happy smiles "mummy, see, I am learning, see, vande maatharam".
It was very cute. I noticed this few other times as well, he really tries hard to do right things if he thinks that it will make us happy and he tells us to be little tolerant while "he is learning".
I think he is a mature kid and at every such instance we just keep reminding to ourselves that he is a baby and we should learn to be patient not with trivial things like songs, but any mischivious acts he does.

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