Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kedaar and Atharva

Kedaar has friend in class by name 'Atharva'. He is a five yr old and one of the few 5ys old kids in class (class has 3-5 yr olds) and helps the assistant teacher in some of the acts like keeping the students in line when going out, taking the smaller kids to rest rooms etc. From the day 1 of his school, Kedaar started treating Atharva as his role model, best friend. At home, we have to hear Atharva's name atleast once the evening after he comes from school before he sleeps.
Some funny things I remember related to Atharva in Kedaar's conversations..

[Mummy]Kedaar, can you tell me the names of the kids in your class?
[Kedaar]Atharva, Ali,Rakesh, Kareena, Atharva,Shreya,Shivani, Atharva..
[Mummy]Count how many kids are there with your fingers.
[Kedaar starts counting] Atharva, Ali, Rakesh, Atharva .. (same story as above, all of a sudden during counting, he shows his middle finger and says] Mummy, this is Atharva, he is a 5 yr old big boy, the little finger is Shreya, she is only 2 yrs old.

[Mummy]What is the scratch in your palm Kedaar, how did you get hurt?
[Kedaar]I got hurt while running fast
[Mummy]Why did you run fast, I told you to go slow?
[Kedaar]but, but, but, Atharva was going like this..

[Daddy]Kedaar, come and sit in car seat, we are getting late
[Kedaar reluctantly gets into car, mummy wanted to give company to Kedaar, so she sits in backseat] mummy, I am 5 yrs old ..
[Mummy]no, you are not
[Kedaar]But I am 3 and quarter, I will turn 5 tomorrow, when I am 5 yrs old then I dont need to sit in car seat. I can sit just like you. Atharva doesnt sit in car seat.

[Kedaar in sleep] Atharva, excuse me, can you scoot :)

[Mummy] Kedaar, what did your friends get for lunch today
[Kedaar] mmmm, Ms.Mary gave Atharva chicken

[Mummy]Kedaar, do you know Atharva's little sister name
[Kedaar]mmmm, [smiles]
[Mummy]Its Neeraja [her name is really neeraja]
[Kedaar]yeeaah, Mummy's name is Neeraja, Atharva's sisters name is Neeraja. 2 Neerajas, one small like this, one biiig.

So many incidents like this where he has to mention Atharva's name . Now a days Kedaar desperately want to become 5 yr old so that he can just be like Atharva. :)

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