Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Valentines day

Kedaar's school had valentines day celebration this year. Probably a couple of weeks before the valentines day, they gave us the list of the names of kids (around 20) in the class and said that we need to get that many number of valentines for the celebration. In those 2 weeks, Kedaar got several heart shaped work home saying that he made it for mummy :)
Anyway, I and Chandra didnt have any clue on what valentines are. We did some research and went to Target just to find out that they have special aisles for these and all we had to do is just choose. Life is simple. We never knew it since 6 yrs because we never needed it. Kedaar picked the disney valentines and 2 nice greeting cards for his teachers Ms Indu, Ms Ginger. The day before valentines day, we did prepare the cards by writing names on them, sticking hearts to the cards. kedaar did a lot of work specifically he chose which card he wants to give for which kid, sat in daddy's lap and helped to write the names. He also traced the teachers name, his name in the cards he gave to teacher.It was fun and kedaar enjoyed it a lot.
Chandra stayed for the celebration in the school the next day and apparently all the kids had great fun at the little party with activiities like cookie decoration giving valentine cards etc
Kedaar was a super happy kid after he came back from school that day as he got a bag full of valentines from the other kids, some candy and fun stuff.

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