Thursday, October 29, 2009

My birthday is coming soooon

In the past week, we are pretty much focussed on Kedaar's birthday plans in evenings.
We ordered the blog book in the weekend and we got the book by Tuesday this week. This is amazing, last year it took more than a week for them to even print it. I really liked the web site, you can create wonderful memories with their software.
The blog book looked great in print. Its more beautiful and all the effort we put for the details (like borders around photos, background color, full size photos, choosing proper layouts etc) really paid off. We think the book turned out to be the highest quality work compared to the previous years birthday books.
Next thing is venue. After lot of research, thinking , discussion, we decided that we will celebrate Kedaar's birthday in Seattle Childrens Museum and we made the reservation accordingly.
We still have to plan and order the party decors, party favors etc. Kedaar is super excited about his upcoming birthday and thinks about it, talks about it atleast once per day and we are excited too. Years just fly by...., our little one is turning 3 sooon.

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