Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kedaar and mom's work

Its night time , 9.30 PM.I talked to Kedaar for some time, told a story and he is ready to sleep while I was getting up to get my laptop to work.

Kedaar: Mommy, you are not going to sleep? you said you are sleepy?
Mom : No naanna, I need to work. Though I worked in office, I still need to work at home to finish.
Kedaar: You will be so tired if you do that mummy. I want you take come and sleep for a long time now

He fell asleep and got up at 7 AM. I got up at 6 AM and again took latptop as first thing in morning.

Kedaar: Mommy, did you work throughout the night?
I think its time for a vacation. So tired and really need a break so I can spend full time with Kedaar by forgetting all the stress.

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