Thursday, July 15, 2010

Who should clean mess

I entered in Kedaar's toys room to call him for dinner around 8 PM.
Kedaar was inside the tent and all the room was filled small animals (around 200+ that we bought for counting and sorting) .
The room is a mess, but strangely seemed some what nicely arranged.Then it goes ...

[Mummy]Kedaar, what is this
[Kedaar]mamma, I am just playing my little animals.
[Mummy]Is this the way to play, putting everything everywhere on floor, who will clean this mess?
[Kedaar, very politely , without moving an inch from the tent]mamma, its you, can you clean it for me?
[Mummy]Why should I clean?
[Kedaar]because you are the best
[Mummy, shocked, surprised!!!] I cannot do this, you do it yourself
[Kedaar]no, mummy's and daddy's are big, they can do this easily
[Mummy, almost ready to give up]still, I am not going to clean
[Kedaar]Thats ok Mamma, my daddy will clean it for me. Can I eat dinner now, what are we eating today?.

We were eating dinner downstairs, Chandra came from bath and he cleaned it without saying a word strangely. For him, the room looked like "Serengiti national park" :)

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