Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cirque Du Soleil "Kooza" show

We went to the cirque du soleil "Kooza" show today. We have been going to one of their shows since we went to Las Vegas first time and didnt do it so far. Kedaar's friend Anirudh's family also came.
Kedaar and Anirudh had lot of fun, surprise and enjoyment in the show. Kedaar's favorite was "the rings where the 2 guys ran". When we came out in the intermission time, Kedaar and Anirudh did couple of acts (like hanging to the rails with 2 feet up and going around holding each other's hands) and told us "see mamma, we are also doing what they did, its so hard" :)
Anyway, the show was amazing and we are glad we could see once finally.

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