Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kedaar & Daddy by themselves for a week

I am travelling to New Orleans for MS TechEd conference tomorrow morning. I will back Friday early morning. Kedaar and Chandra need to be by themselves during this time. I went to LA last year around this time and it was a 6 days trip then. Kedaar did OK during that time. This year, he grew up more, understands more. When I started to prepare him around a couple of weeks back, I kept telling him that I need to go alone because its office work. Still he would politely ask me "mamma, can I please come with you, I like office work vacation". I didnt want to hurt him one time and said "Yes", then he says "thank you, can daddy also come because we are all family , we all need to go in the flight" :). Slowly I started telling him that the family will go to another vacation to Mexico this summer. He then went and told several friends he met during these 2 weeks that his mommy is going to New Orleasns for office work and then we are all going to Mexico afterwards.
Anyway, I suspect that he is still thinking this as me trying to scare him to make him to do something. Hopefully he will do just fine with his busy school, activity classes.
I am going to miss him very much and will wait to come back.

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