Monday, June 14, 2010

Brilliance in road sense & memory power

I think Kedaar has excellent road sense and memory power. These 2 combined, we just get surprises very often whenever we are in car.
He knows very clearly the roads to his soccer class, temple, school, shops that we frequently go to and finally the home. Not only the destination, he very clearly remembers the different places that come on the way to these places. If we seem to go on little bit different road, he will keep reminding us "mummy, this is not the way to school, are we going in differnet route", "daddy, this is not the way to soccer class, can we turn around and go". When we were in India also, he used to exactly remember each and every place we went and road to get to it.

Some interesting things happened this weekend also.
1. We were going to a place in redmond and we had to cross park. Chandra asked "kedaar, did we come here before , this looks familiar". Kedaar instantly said, "yes, daddy, this is where Neha celebrated her birthday". Its been around an year since her birthday is over.
2. We went to attend Jayaprakash Narayan's speech in redmond library around a month and half back. We were taking a turn on that road, Kedaar shouts "Daddy, we came here to hear the speech, the uncle's speech"
3. We were going to friend's house in Klahanie yesterday. Suddenly Kedaar says "Muumy, daddy, we just passed Tax aunty's house, we came here before". That is amazing, we went there just one time back in April that too by missing a couple of roads. Now when he sees the house, he just could remember it.

It was very nice and amazing to know that kids have so much intuition and memory power.

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