Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mommy's helping boy

Kedaar gave me a very delightful surprise yesterday. As is he is not a very organized boy at home. Though he apparently does everything correctly in school when it comes to hanging jackets, putting toys back in their place etc, he doesnt demonstrate the same things at home. Yesterday night, I just asked him to keep the book we got from library in a bag as they are lying down on the floor. I told him this when i was in kitchen and after few minutes he called me saying 'mamma, see, what I did, I made the house clean'. To my surprise he put all the books in teh bag, put the bag on his study table, also cleaned up a bunch of toys from the floor.
When I came to see this, he found a small paper on the floor. He took that also and ran to dustbin and proudly said 'see, I made it so beautiful'.
It was really delighting to see that kind of thing from what, something I always wanted my kid to have (being organized :)).
Hope he continues this on regular basis than giving me occassional surprises :)

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