Friday, October 23, 2009

Story telling & reasoning

I find Kedaar very imaginative when it comes to story making & telling. Even when he is playing by himself, he would hold 2 trains and he makes story around them and talk as if the trains are conversing with each other.
Generally in the mornings we need to tell him some stories while he finishes his taking bath, brushing etc.
Here is one of such funny stories.
[K]Mummy, can you tell me the crane the story
[M]Ok, Anaganana there is a crane, crane's nose is long, it wanted to drink water and went to lake. can you drink water with nose Kedaar?
[K]Nooo, you cannot drink with nose, you drink with mouth in a glass. you dont drink with nose, ears, eyes,head. If you drink with nose, fishy , shark can catch you. you cannot eat fish with nose. you cannot eat jelly fish also. Only turtle can eat jelly fish. remember that? Turtle can eat 10 jelly fish (this is from a Diego episode). Turtle is not dangerous. Only crocodile is dangerous. Is crane dangerous.?Crocodile can hold your leg like this and pull into the lake. Crocodile pulled the leg of an elephant also. Then deva can come and help the elephant.Mummy, can you tell me the story of the crocodile & elephant (this is the Gajendramoksham story)
[Mummy]Ok, sure , kedaar.
Thats how my crane story ended :)

Some other funny things to mention.

Kedaar was brushing

[Mummy]You should open mouth and brush. Otherwise your mouth is like germ's playhouse.

[Kedaar starts brushing] Noo, my mouth is not a germ's playhouse.Its a small good crushing mouth. It chews, no black spots. its a nice little mouth.

Kedaar finished bath. Mummy came out of tub to get a towel. Mean while he put some more water on himself and came out. While I was wiping him, he says

[K] After you leaved, i put only 2,3 (counting with hands) times water. Then I leaved the tub too . now mummy, cover me and give me a hug.

Kedaar looked at the tree outside the house when coming out of the house
[K] . "The tree has no leaves. Not even one. The rain and wind take away all the leaves"

In the car

[K]Daddy, i want to listen to the song.

[Daddy]ok, and plays "Its a small world song" (that they in "Its a small world" in Disneyland)[Kedaar, with a face lit with happiness] I know this song, I went in a boat when this song came. The boat was going slow like this and I watched so many things. I saw animals, sheep,dance..

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