Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fun stories

A couple of interesting things to share on Kedaar's knowledge improvements after going to school

  • 2,3 days back, on a typical evening,as usual mummy is busy with cooking, daddy is trying his best to engage Kedaar. Then Kedaar built something with Legos and wanted to show it to Daddy. He called "Miss Indu" (his school teachers name) by mistake. Chandra laughed and said "Am I miss Indu", then Kedaar says with laugh "Nooooo, you are Miss Daddy". Seeing us laugh so much at this, he is using this now a days to grab our attention, he says "Miss Daddy", "Miss Mummy" :)

  • Last weekend Chandra and Kedaar went to a grocery store. As this is Halloween season, they put some ghosts, skulls etc in the shop. Looking at the skull, Kedaar started telling various body parts pointing at the skull. He named skull, Eye bone, nose bone, ear bone, neck bone, Ribs, Thigh bone, elbow, knee bone and all other body parts followed by a "bone" word :) We then realized that he learned those at school recently and started applying that.

  • In Kedaar's school, they are carving pumpkins and painting them for Halloween celebrations. Kedaar learned this word "jack o lantern" from that I think. So whenever we go out, his main job now a days is to see around and shout "daddy, there is a jackolantern" if he sees one. I didnt even know this word till today and I ignorantly asked him in car "what is it Kedaar, can you explain". He explained to me "Mummy, that is you carve the pumpkins nicely and then you paint, then it is jackolantern. Remember that ! I want to put a small one at home too" :) I am impressed with his ability to explain to me.

  • Last week on one of the evenings, Kedaar's school had pumpkin picking for kids.I asked Kedaar the previous evening "Kedaar, do you want to a small pumpkin or a biiig pumpkin". First he said "I want a biig pumpkin, after a second he said "No mummy, I want a very small pumpkin (showing with hands) like this so I can lift it" :) I remembered this funny thing his teacher told me at that moment. Apprently one day, she asked kids to draw a pumpkin. Lot of them drew very big pumpkins that went beyond the board, paper. Then she said, "this is too big. Draw small ones". One of the kds (not sure if it is Kedaar), drew a "." it seems and said "this is a very small pumpkin Miss Indu" :)

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