Friday, October 2, 2009

Is this the right song?

Kedaar is very fond of music, songs, probably like several other kids.
He knows lot of songs by lyrics as well.One of his habit is to sing a song with wrong lyrics and then ask us, is this the right song? When mommy or daddy says , "Nooooooo", he feels it as very funny and comes up with more and more wrong words but sings the song with the same tune.
In this process, he uses all the things he sees around him, some imaginative words as the replacement word. One common song he uses for fun is
"If you happy and you know , then you clap". He sings it as "If you happy and you know, then you TV(road , signal light, sofa,bed,tree,house,doggy etc)".
He does this with several other songs like "Om namassivaya","Hrudayam ekkadunnadi",alphabet song (he makes this as something like A, B,C,D,E,F,Jigla.. or some weird word).
Kids are so naughty and I think they keep doing funny funny stuff to grab attention all the time.

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