Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Child of the day

In Kedaar's class, one child each day will get to be the "Child of the day". I think child of the day gets preference in all the activities they do through out the day. Only children who come exactly on time for the "circle time" at 9 AM will get to be the "Child of the day".
Last week, one day we returned home after school, offices. Kedaar played for a while with daddy and then all by himself while mummy is cooking food. Chandra went up for few mins and then Kedaar started following me whereever I go. I didnt notice him, he did this some more time and finally caught me and happily said "mommy, I am child in the day today". I didnt understand this for a min, then he told again and said he also did "calendar" (In their school, the child of the day puts that day's date in calendar). Then I understood that he is coming behind me for so long to tell this new exciting thing happened to him :)
His expression, his happiness were so cute & innocent and I keep remembering it.

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